Blucar Support Desk Goes Online

We're delighted to announce that Blucar has made our helpdesk system available to our customers today.

We have been using Freshdesk to group, track and search all the support queries we receive. We're really pleased with it and having used it for 9 months ourselves, we now feel that our customers will benefit from it. 

It will allow schools to login and look back at their queries and site visit reports and even raise any new queries directly in Freshdesk. It's very easy to navigate around and it has an amazing search facility that will not only allow users to search their own queries but will also search the user guides and other material that we have uploaded. You can even download and print the user guides and other information if required.

This service is in addition to the current support, not instead of. Schools will still be able to receive support in the normal way nothing will change in that respect.