Our Service Promise


Put simply, our service promise is that we won't just sell you software and then disappear.


We pride ourselves in putting our customers first and that means giving you the best service possible from the moment you choose Blucar. 

We support you through every step of implementing your new finance software and beyond.

Our implementation team are here to hold your hands - we want to make your transition to your new module/software as smooth as possible.



Install / Setup

We install and set up your new software onsite at your School or Academy.

Data Migration / Transfer

We take the data in your existing system and import it into your new software, including all suppliers, customers, assets, departments, staff and budget information.

On-site Training

Once you're happy with the set up and the migrated data, we'll deliver comprehensive training days so you and your staff are ready to navigate and use the software from day one.

On-site / Off-site Support

After your initial training you can enjoy support whenever you need it from one of our highly experienced support team. No question is too small, we're here to help whenever you need it.

As well as a tailored 'starter' training course, we will deliver refresher training and follow up with sessions around specific topics such as month end or report writing. We also offer periodic 'health checks', year end audits and question/answer sessions to make sure that you are getting the best from your software.

From our point of view, we don't think your training should stop immediately after your initial start-up session, it's ongoing, we can always learn more.